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These are links I have found useful in my daily life. Feel free to visit and support these sites.

Link Image CSS play is a great site for CSS only layouts and designs. I make use of many of the examples from this site in my development. I highly recommend looking at Stu's site and making a contribution if you find anything useful.
Link Image Firefox is my browser of choice. It has too many features to mention and hundreds of plugins that make browsing the web much easier and more fun.
Link Image This is a distrobution of Linux that I am leaning to use.  It is free, installs very easily and quickly, includes openoffice (which is also linked here), and functions very well.  I will say I'm not an expert with Linux but I'm learning and would be happy to share what I know if you are interested.
Link Image I use Open Office for as much as I can.  It is an open source alternative to other office suite applications.  I find that I can use it for 99% of the work I do for word processing and spreadsheets.  Download it and give it a try.
Link Image Thunderbird is an open source email and newsreader program. It makes it much easier for me to handle all the different email accounts I use. From my business email to school emails and personal accounts. I can see all my messages at once without having to change profiles or write rules to move messages.